Sugaring is not new. It's an ancient method for removing hair made of organic sugar and calming herbs. The technique is actually the opposite of waxing resulting in less trauma to the skin and less ingrown hairs. You'll find smoother skin with less irritation which means you'll be your normal self sooner after sugaring.



Sallie Herrold, Owner

Becky Dinius, Esthetician


Sweet & True Sugaring Company

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"Body sugaring is a natural form of hair removal that dates back to ancient Egypt. To this day, sugaring is widely practiced in the Middle East and continues to grow in popularity across the globe. The sugaring method uses a ball of paste made of sugar, water and lemon that is molded into the follicle and removed quickly in the direction of growth, allowing for minimal irritation and slower regrowth."

All organic and filled with fruits, vegetables and herbs you will always be surprised by the succulent smells and colors in each product. There is something for every skin type. Are you ready to rid yourself of acne and start to heal those scars? Are you wanting to get a head start on pro-age products so that you never have to look your age? Are you realizing that gravity and the sun is taking its toll and you want to protect and heal for a healthy glow? Healing your skin can be done gently and naturally with Opal Gene.


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