Client Reviews

Shanae G. | December 20, 2018

Becky is amazing!!! I love going to her to get my waxing done!

Micah R. | October 27, 2018

Jennifer was great!  Best male sugaring (manzillian) I have ever had.  Very professional and as comfortable as possible given the fact that she was ripping my pubic hair out.  12 out of 10 and I plan to be back!

Jennifer C. | July 14, 2018

Wonderful staff - Shea is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. Product is amazing, her after care products are incredible and keep my skin so happy! This is my go-to place.


Sara S. | June 29, 2018

Shea is a rockstar


Erin L. | May 6, 2018

Excellent customer service I went to Jen for a Brazilian wax and she was amazing. She was professional and made me feel comfortable. Can’t wait to go back again!


Monica D. | March 4, 2018

Jennifer is Boise is amazing, so sweet and does a great job!


Jennifer R. | January 24, 2018

Shea is the best! She made it as painless as possible, was quick, and great at allaying my fears! :)


Ashely G. | January 1, 2018

Jennifer is always wonderful


Michael W F. | December 28, 2017

Jen was great. Very comfortable experience.


Jamie R. | December 14, 2017

Shea is amazing She got me through the pain and didn't let me tap out. The results were amazing! Once it's over, there is no more pain!

Helpful, Helpful!


Alysia | December 9, 2017

Was actually a really great experience. I will always use them when I decide to wax.


Susan C B. | September 26, 2017

Very clean and organized. I was able to get an appointment the same day I called.


Stephanie B. | June 20, 2017

Very friendly and quick service. I'm hooked!


Lindsey G.  | May 19, 2017

Very professional and calming.


Ashely G. | May 7, 2017

Jennifer is amazing She is friendly and quick. Makes me feel super comfortable.


Merrick M. | March 15, 2017

Shae is the best I always feel super comfortable and she always has something funny to talk about.


Cecilia U.  | March 14, 2017

Jen was remarkable in helping me reschedule last minute to accommodate something else I needed to attend to. She also does a great job, I have gone to her quite few times.


Carie Y. | February 8, 2017

My appointment was easy to book and lightning-fast!


Rachel P.  | February 3, 2017

Best experience ever! I will only use sugaring from now on. Jen was amazing Fast and friendly! 😁


Martina W. | January 17, 2017

Excellent, very friendly professional service.


Kelli P. | January 14, 2017

Amazing people and great atmosphere!


Client | September 2, 2016

This was the best experience I've ever had with waxing. I've been waxed for over 5 years, and had never had that experience during and after my appointment. Very highly recommend Shea she's a very personable sweet lady and this place is a hidden gem. The sugar wax was awesome This place is now my go-to Loved it


Britlie S. | August 31, 2016

Sugar waxing is the way to go!


Jill L. | August 31, 2016

They were great!


James D | August 22, 2016

Jennifer was professional, informative, and went at a perfect pace for a manzillian. It can be an awkward experience for anyone, but Jennifer eases all concerns and answers every question you may have. Sugaring is a far better process and she has the talent to do so and minimize discomfort. She is a pro. Definitely going back.


Cherish E. | July 24, 2016

Great job. Very comfortable environment for what can be an awkward interaction.


Merrick | July 22, 2016

I really felt comfortable, she did a great job and the location is perfect I highly recommend!


Sarah C. | July 5, 2016

She is irritation and smooth as can be!


Leona M.  | June 16, 2016

Sugaring is amazingly fast and does a great job cleaning things up!


Sydney M. | June 16, 2016

My wax was nice and quick and the service was great! Spa was adorable!


Mariah R. | June 2, 2016

I much prefer the sugar to basic waxing it hurts less and makes way less mess. Shea is awesome and very sweet!


Amber B.  | May 20, 2016

Not a bad process, especially if you've been waxed before! :)


Nicole S. | May 17, 2016

Awesome job, great experience!


Amanda K. | April 26, 2016

Relaxing, clean environment. Would definitely recommend!


Kris S. | April 23, 2016

Amazing experience. Made feel comfortable and talked through the process to keep my mind busy. Definitely will be back!


Lori G. | April 22, 2016

Wonderful great service.


Britney C. | April 21, 2016

Sugaring did not seem to hurt as bad as waxing.


Client | April 20, 2016

The Stache Studio is superb Shea is a easy to chat with and promotes a comfortable and relaxed environment, without being fancy or overly cool. She was quick, professional, thoughtful and thorough. All the things you want in hair removal!


Sherren C. | March 28, 2016

This place is the best!


Eileen B. | March 19, 2016

Park in the back of the building. :-)


Sara S. | March 18, 2016

Shea is amazing. My 2nd app was so fast and she makes you feel so comfortable. Will continue to go to Shea!


Andrea P. | March 13, 2016

Shea was very pleasant, showed me the product, and provided a clean and comfortable atmosphere. The sugaring was much less irritating to the skin than waxing, and she shaped my eyebrows perfectly. (And had great eyebrows herself) I would definitely recommend her services as they are affordable and exceeded my expectations.


Melissa O. | February 16, 2016

It was obvious Shea has years of Brazilian experience. She is fast and thorough, and did a really awesome job on my brows too Sugaring is so much better than waxing. Salon space is brand new, clean and modern. I was very impressed.


Katie L. | 10/10/2016

Had such a great experience at the Stache Studio! Shea made me feel super comfortable and was very easy to talk to. I have had experiences at other places that were very awkward, but not at the Stache Studio thanks to Shea. The atmosphere was very relaxing, the room was clean and had anything you could need to make yourself feel comfortable. I will definitely be going back in a few weeks and referring friends.


Brook H. | 7/10/2018

After moving out of state for a couple years, I was in need of a new waxer with a different technique. I found Shea after searching for sugar wax in the Meridian area. She was friendly, fast and efficient. Happy to have found her.


 Andrea S. | 1/29/2018

Had my Brazilian before I went on a tropical vacation, I've had them for years, so i knew what to expect. Very clean studio, and shea was super informative with sugaring. Plus it's nice to have communication during the procedure, to get your mind not thinking about the process. if you have never sugared your missing out I was a waxer for years.. and will never go back If you can do hard wax, sugaring is like a dream come true I came in though with a major MAJOR burn from the lovely tanning bed (getting some color before tropical sun) anyways.. Shea, was kind and nice and even though it killed just because of my burn, she was so quick, yet very thorough. Last thing you want is to have a missed spot down in your lady bits on vacation. Very pleased with the results! Thanks again, Andrea


Jamie R. | 11/20/2017

I bought a Groupon for this location because the deal was too good to pass up and I needed a Brazilian. Cost is never a good deciding factor when it comes to where to get a Brazilian but I took the chance. What a great decision it was. Shea was great! If it wasn't for her I probably would have tapped out early and left with a mohawk. The process was extremely painful but Shea kept me talking and distracted the whole time, encouraging me to stay tough. The experience was more painful than I had remembered (or prepared myself for mentally), maybe because this salon uses a sugar based "wax" instead of the heated wax?  In the end, the results were and still are great a week later.  Worth the pain 100%! Thanks Shea!


Beth W.

I have had sugaring prior to coming to this appointment. I have had soft and hard wax as well. Sugaring is the least painful, in my opinion, to clean up your downstairs. Shea does an amazing job. Quick and efficient. She even takes extra time, of course asks first if she can get those pesky ingrown aka underground hairs. Like the environment of the studio.


  Shelsea E. | 9/21/2016

If you are looking for an amazing brow waxer then look no further than Shea. I'm pretty picky about my shape and this girl works wonders and leaves them beautiful each time! Highly recommend for any waxing needs. Even those Brazilians!


P B. | 9/20/2016

Shea was great and very efficient in my face sugaring. She made me feel comfortable with this first-time experience. I'd recommend this esthetician and business.


Mariah R. | 9/21/2016  

(Update) This was my first sugaring experience and I was very pleased. I've had Brazilian waxes before and sugaring is much less traumatic to the body. Plus, clean-up is way easier! Shea did an amazing job, was super professional, and I never felt awkward or uncomfortable. I definitely will continue to utilize their services!

I've had sugaring treatments before and I have to say this was the least uncomfortable one I've had. Shea is excellent and quick in her skills. I got a Brazilian and eyebrow shaping, I couldn't be happier Plus she's seeing me next week (for free) to get the stubbies that wouldn't come out the first time. Amazing gal, great atmosphere, easy access location. The entrance is in the back of the building inside Halo studio.


April S.

I love sugaring at the Stache! Jen and Shea are both awesome to work with and make it a comfortable, quick, and easy experience! Sugar is much gentler than waxing on my skin, so it is nice to have experts on sugaring at stache studio with convenient appointments.  I would highly recommend giving them a try.


Hilary H | Jul 22, 2018

Shea is awesome! She makes my eyebrows perfect!


Taylor C | Apr 22, 2018

Shea is AMAZING!!


Oksana L | Mar 14, 2018

Easy to find, clean room, very friendly staff. Jennifer did awesome on my leg and Brazilian wax. Was very easy to tolerate the pain (mind you I’m 38 weeks pregnant) and she was very gentle! Definitely will be coming back!!


Rachel P | Feb 22, 2018

I absolutely love the atmosphere here. And everyone is so friendly. Shea is the absolute best! She is quick yet thorough and so easy to talk to. She has always been able to give me the best advice for skin care and has introduced me to this fabulous scrub. I will never go anywhere else!


Marianna L | Dec 06, 2017

I've tried hot/ hardwax and sugaring is by far my favorite! All the girls are awesome, facility is very clean, and customer service is outstanding. Jennifer is by far my favorite girl, she makes the entire experience as tolerable as possible and is a sweetheart!


Suzy R | Oct 30, 2017

My 2nd visit & LOVE the results!! Shea is wonderful! She does a great job & very personable!


Suzy R | Sep 23, 2017

The location is easy to locate-has a good feel to it. The studio is downstairs & a yoga (type) studio upstairs. Restroom was super clean! Loved Shea! Straight forward & to the point (which I love)... my face feels incredible! Can't wait till my next appointment!!


Shelby R | Jun 24, 2017

Great atmosphere. Shea Moyer: Fast, friendly and good


Emily W | May 31, 2017

Nice location. Jennifer was fabulous!


Sara S | Mar 24, 2017

Shea has seen me and provided me with multiple waxing needs amazing and fast!


Marlayna L | Mar 21, 2017

Sugaring over regular wax any day! The Stache Studio is great! Shea is awesome!! It had been over 2 years since I got my last sugaring done, and she was still finished within 20 minutes. Feeling good as new!


Alyssa H | Dec 31, 2016

I have only gone to the Stache Studio for my sugaring needs. I am so satisfied with the results and how easy it is to get appointments. Shea is very professional and quick to get you in and out. She is always concerned with her clients comfort and offers excellent products for further comfort and aftercare.


Karen T | Dec 28, 2016

Shea is Fantastic. She is warm and friendly and does fantastic work. Wouldn't go anywhere else.


James D |  Oct 27, 2016

The venue is not an easy find in Meridian, but plenty of parking and nice and professional once inside. Much appreciated. Jennifer is the best in the business. I have been there now for 4 sugaring events and it continues to be top notch service, with personality to put you at ease. Jennifer knows her stuff and is thorough. She checks several times to ensure "no stone is left unturned", so to speak. I enjoy our chats as much as I do the clean feeling when all done. Guys, quit being a whimp and get on in. You won't regret it.


Rebecca V | Sep 30, 2016

Best place to go in town...hands down! If you want your brows on fleek, then make your appointment this week!! Shea is AH-mazing I would follow her anywhere.


Sara S | Sep 28, 2016

Amazing atmosphere. friendly clean!


Kelli P | Sep 02, 2016

Very neat, clean and modern, loved it! Shea is personable and very sweet, loved meeting her!


Brittany R | Aug 28, 2016

Pleasant atmosphere! Very nice and professional. Jennifer did a great job and I enjoyed our conversation. Love the product they use as well.


James D | Aug 21, 2016

Nice comfortable location in Meridian and very kind people. Jen was very professional and thorough. She did great work and minimized the pain. Always honest and preparatory but made me feel at ease. The end result was less than expected pain and a fantastic job. Jennifer was fantastic and comes highly recommended. Guys, have no worries. the Manzillian is worth the short discomfort.


Sara S | Jun 18, 2016

Shea once again out did herself with a tight bikini wax. Amazing as usual!


Sara S | Jun 09, 2016

Shea does amazing! She makes you comfortable and yet keeps it professional. I will recommend Shea to everyone. She is fast and very efficient!


Greg H | Jun 06, 2016

The Venue was very welcoming. Shea was the best and I enjoyed our conversation while she was working. I will definitely go back again. Thank you, Shea!


Chelsey R | Mar 07, 2016

Awesome experience! Super friendly clean and educated! Awesome experience! Super friendly clean and educated! Thank you, Shea!


Suzy R | Feb 23, 2016

Great experience! Nice relaxed feeling inside! Shea Moyer: 1st time at this location & 1st time "sugaring"-so far so good! Far less painful than the usual waxing. My face was not as red -my skin feels much softer. I will most definitely be back!


Breea G

I loved this place I have blonde eyebrows and got them tinted here. They ended up looking amazing They looks so natural and amazing I can’t stop looking at them! I 100% recommend them for tinting and will be going here again for sure. Everyone should get their brows done here! Thank you, Bree


Georgia Brinton

People were friendly and helpful.


Monserrat Sanchez

It was my first time sugaring and I had a great experience. She made me feel comfortable and let me take breaks whenever I needed it. I was significantly less irritated then when I waxed. Great service.