Sugaring vs Waxing

Sugaring the new, and better way to wax.


100% natural, food-grade
and biodegradable

Water soluble and protects your
treatment room and clothing

Applied at body temperature and will
not burn the skin

100% sanitary, sugar does not
breed bacteria

Does not adhere to live skin cells

Minimal irritation because the hair
is removed from the follicle in the
direction that it grows

Can remove hair that is 1/8”

Less likely to get ingrown hairs

Lasts longer and leads to permanency

Skin feels soft, smooth and



Contains dyes, resins & preservatives
that are not earth friendly

Difficult to clean up and can damage

Heated to a high temp and can burn
and scar the skin

Potential for bacterial contamination
and double dipping

Adheres to live skin cells

More aggressive because hair breaks
when it is removed in the opposite
direction that it grows

Can remove hair that is 1/4”

More likely to get ingrown hairs

Faster regrowth and follicle distortion

Skin feels raw, irritated and